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Wantage Primary Academy home page


Primary Academy

Ambitious For All.

Our Vision

We work collaboratively with our school communities; our staff, parents and children, to create exceptional learning environments that empower and support all to achieve their potential.

Our Mission

To create inspirational learning opportunities for all our children and staff.

Our Values

What we believe as a Trust


In our school we love learning; we aim high; we think creatively; we dream big; we are ambitious.


In our school we work hard, we focus, we learn more, we remember more, we develop our potential, we exceed expectations.


In our school we listen, we debate, we’re kind, we support, we take responsibility, we are a team.


In our school we are brave, we have a voice, we take action, we are confident, we think globally.

Girl playing a guitar Girl drawing Girl with two friends Girl asking a question

Belong, Believe, Achieve