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Our School Motto


We strive for children at Wantage Primary Academy to excel in all that they do and will support them along their journey.  When parents come to Wantage Primary Academy for the first time, they will see first-hand the caring, nurturing, all-inclusive atmosphere of a school which also offers exceptionally high-quality education. This is very much our vision:


To grow a diverse and creative educational community where we encourage belonging and nurture believing: together achieving academically, socially, morally and spiritually.


These ideas of Belong, Believe and Achieve are more than just buzz words - they’re the guiding principles behind everything we do.



  • to each other in mutual support, respect and trust, demonstrating exemplary behaviour
  • to the local community, providing it with outstanding local primary schooling
  • to the Omnia Learning Trust, as part of a family of Outstanding schools
  • to the world in which we live, caring for and celebrating our diversity -including race, religion and background



  • in our gifts and abilities, recognising each of us as unique and valuable
  • in our potential, as each of us will be challenged and nurtured
  • in our school values, recognising that we must show respect, kindness and tolerance 



  • in all lessons and all areas, from our different starting points
  • in becoming engaged and proactive - ready to change and challenge ourselves and others respectfully
  • in an awareness of our vocation, with a growing sense of purpose and preference
  • in becoming well-rounded and self-aware, through a holistic and broad-based education


If you’d like to see our mission in action, please visit us as soon as we are open.

Belong, Believe, Achieve