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Remote Learning

We have now fully set up our Remote Learning Programme. We have put this in place and trained our team so that if children need to isolate and miss school, or if a bubble needs to close, children's education can continue. This applies to:
  • A child (and their siblings if they are also attending WPA) is absent because they are awaiting test results and the household is required to self-isolate. The rest of their school bubble are attending school and being taught as normal.
  • A child’s whole bubble is not permitted to attend school because they, or another member of their class, have tested positive for Covid-19.
What happens?
If a whole bubble closes, you will be sent your child's Google Classroom login and teachers will run daily lessons (in submitted assignment form, pre-recorded videos and live lessons). We will also send suggested timetables and cover a range of subjects.
If a single child is isolating or a small number, teachers will still be in school teaching all day. Within 24 hours of a child being absent for a COVID-related reason (but the rest of the bubble remains open), you will be sent your child's Google Classroom login. Teachers will then upload daily content each day and children can submit this. We will utilise some of the programmes we use in school such as Purple Mash, Letter Join etc. 
Nursery will use Evidence Me to set 'challenges' and play-based learning. 
Please read all of the guidance shared so that if we have a worse case scenario, children do not miss out. We appreciate that if children are required to isolate, many parents will still need to work from home and we will try our best to ensure that tasks are not onerous and can be carried out as independently as possible.
Please read the setup guidance, policy and other documents to support you.

Staff, parent and pupil agreement when conducting or watching live lessons 



Staff conduct


- Staff will be required to re-read the Staff Code of Conduct prior to carrying out live online lessons to ensure they understand their responsibilities with regards to conduct during live online lessons. 

- Staff will only use school-provided email addresses and phone numbers to communicate with pupils when conducting live online lessons.

- Staff will only use school-owned devices for conducting live online lessons, where possible.

- Staff will not share personal information whilst conducting live online lessons.

- Staff will conduct live online lessons with appropriate surroundings, e.g. sitting somewhere with a neutral or blurred background.

- Staff will communicate with pupils within school hours as far as possible

- Staff will only communicate and conduct live online lessons through channels approved by WPA . 

- Staff will keep the recorded lesson and chat that happens during live online lessons and ensure it is properly documented, retained and deleted in line with the school’s policy.


Parent and pupil conduct

- Make sure that you and your child are in a quiet space, where there are likely to be fewer distractions and background noises. Also make sure that the view that can be seen from your camera, is an appropriate one.

- The teacher may start by muting all participants. Being able to hear everyone at the same time can be overwhelming, so it is best to mute all participants and then await further instructions from the teacher

- Parents, please stay nearby during the lesson. They may require support accessing the technology or need your reassurance during the call. If your child is very young or shy, you are welcome to sit in

- Live lessons will be recorded so that those unable to attend can watch them back. If you do not wish your child to be recorded, please ensure cameras are turned off.

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